January to April: Volunteers Canvass to Spread the Word

Every Friday for the next 12 weeks, 15-20 TEA volunteers come to the TEA office late in the afternoon to get ready for the next week’s information canvassing focusing on Finch West and Sheppard East. New volunteers are given simple training about how to talk to people about transit expansion. Experienced volunteers drop off letters and petition signatures they collected from the previous week, pick up blank petitions and flyers and exchange ideas about how best to connect with people.

During the week, teams get together and connect one on one with people. Some go to a TTC bus stop and talk to people as they wait for their bus. Others, get on the Finch West bus and talk to people about the LRT plan that Mayor Ford cancelled. As a result, thousands of people sign petitions and letters asking City Council to bring back the LRT plan.

This intense information canvassing lasts until early April when it becomes clear Council will not be making a decision soon and that we are in a marathon, not sprint.