What will happen at the Town Hall meeting?


6:00 to 7:00 pm  Open House
Participants will have a chance to mingle with government staff, review poster boards, enjoy refreshments and connect with others. 

7:00 pm  Discussion Round 1
People will be asked to choose a table to sit at based on one of six topic areas:

  • Protecting Agricultural Land
  • Moving People and Goods
  • Fostering Liveable Communities
  • Creating Jobs
  • Addressing Climate Change
  • Aligning the four Plans

After a brief introduction, you will be asked to answer a set of specific questions related to each topic area.
The goal will be for the people at your table to agree to the top 3 actions that best address the questions.

7:45 pm   Discussion Round 2
People will move to another topic table and go through the same exercise (answering specific questions; identifying the top 3 actions that can be taken).

8:30 pm   Reports
Tables report out to everyone on what was said.

9:00 pm  Meeting concludes