Why can't I put some materials in the Blue Box?


The recycling symbol (arrows in a triangle) on a product does not necessarily mean that it is recyclable in your home or office recycling bin. The international number and letter code in the triangle gives some information about the type of plastic, but doesn't relate to what is accepted by local cities or waste collection companies.

This unfortunately leaves a confusing situation for the average person on what and how to recycle packaging and products. It also highlights the need for the producers and retailers to consider and be involved in the full life cycle and disposal needs of the products and packaging they sell.

What we can recycle depends on a number of things: equipment and machinery required to sort recyclables, the market to sell the materials to, materials which are too costly to separate into reusable parts, and others that are not good candidates for recycling into a new product.  

You can find some explanations on the City website

As markets for recycled materials emerge, and as technology advances, more things become recyclable in Ontario and the City of Toronto regularly adds new things to the list of materials `collected in our Blue Box.