Alex Fine Cleaners

TEA is recognizing the green business leadership of Alex Fine Cleaners, one of the few non-toxic garment cleaners in Toronto.

Alex Fine Cleaners is a recognized 2017 Green Business Leader for providing wet cleaning services to their customers. Wet cleaning is the best alternative to the chemicals used by traditional dry cleaners because it uses no toxic substances, creates no air or water pollution, and conserves water and energy!

With support from The Ontario Trillium Foundation, Live Green Toronto, and ChemTRAC we are raising awareness about wet cleaning and acknowledging the leadership of small businesses who offer sustainable and non-toxic alternatives to Torontonians.

Alex Tran, the owner of Alex Fine Cleaners, is a Professional Wet Cleaner who does more than run his own green business. Alex shows leadership by sharing his expertise with traditional dry cleaners and other industry representatives who want to learn more about wet cleaning (and hopefully ditch those toxic chemicals!) at trade shows. and educating major fashion brands about wet cleaning.

Alex has shown a commitment to helping the garment care sector become more sustainable by offering free wet cleaning tours, demonstrations and garment testing to educate major fashion brands and environmental organizations like TEA about the benefits of wet cleaning.  Thanks to financial support from Live Green Toronto ChemTRAC Toxics Reduction Grant, these demos are helping to break down barriers and increase support for businesses to shift away from toxic chemicals!

As you can see from our Dry Cleaner Scorecard below, Alex Fine Cleaners stands out as a wet cleaner because they don’t pose health risks to people or the environment.

Alex Fine Cleaners is profiled on TEA’s Wet Cleaner Directory

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