Candidate Report Cards

Update on the Green Action Agenda Survey

TEA developed a simple and transparent way to compare candidates by asking them ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about TEA’s Green Action Agenda. 
Now that the election is over, the name of the winning candidate in each ward has been highlighted in green.

The Report Cards scored candidates based on how they answered our survey. Every “yes” answer got one point and the total points were divided by 18 to get a percentage. The Report Cards gave Torontonians a direct, “apples to apples” way to compare candidates running for Mayor or to be a City Councillor.  They are also linked to the comments candidates included with their answers.

Our report cards along with any additional promises made about improving the environment, provided information about which candidates are best suited to build A Greener City for All.

TEA Press Release: Mayoral Report Card