Canvasser Profile: Andy

Meet Andy: one of TEA's dedicated employees.  Andy explains why he loves working for TEA and gives us an inside scoop on canvassing in the City of Toronto.

Name: Andy McKinnon

Hometown: Windsor, ON

Why are you canvassing for TEA?

After studying international politics in Windsor and Vancouver, I wanted to move to Toronto to find work in the non-profit sector. My study of global affairs led me to realize the importance of grassroots engagement, especially on environmental issues. I was also eager to expand my knowledge of pressing environmental issues. Working for TEA has given me meaningful, politically involved work that also lets me explore my new city.

What TEA campaign are you most passionate about at the door?

Waste Reduction, because it is something that everyone has to deal with and that everyone can make an impact on. Before I worked for TEA, I didn’t realize how much waste can contribute to climate change. I always knew the importance of the three R’s but now know how important waste issues are. It’s exciting to talk to people at the door about waste issues because it is something everyone is familiar with.

How did canvassing differ from what you expected?

I was surprised at how many people I would meet who have never heard of TEA but are very excited to talk about the issues and happy that we came to the door. Without knowing much about Toronto or about canvassing in general, I was worried I would experience a lot of negativity from people. I’m happy to say that that’s definitely not the case.

What motivates you to canvass on those cold and rainy days?

Being determined to meet new TEA members. When you meet new people who have never heard of TEA but are excited to learn about this great grassroots organization working in their city, you cannot help but be excited.

What item can you not canvass without?

My glasses, because I couldn’t read people’s addresses without them. Also, my lucky 2013 Miguel Cabrera baseball card. I always know that if Cabrera could hit 30 home-runs before the All-Star break,  I can have a good night canvassing.

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