S. Wineland

Organizations can help Grow the Greenbelt

Let City Council know your organization supports growing the Greenbelt into Toronto’s ravines.

All you need to do is get your organization’s Board of Directors or other appropriate governance committee to pass a resolution or write a letter of support.

For sample language, see below

Then, send us the resolution on your letterhead.

You can either scan it and send it as a PDF to [email protected] or mail it to:

Toronto Environmental Alliance,
30 Duncan Street, Suite 201, Toronto, M5V 2C3

We [insert name of organization] fully support Toronto City Council’s plan to grow the Greenbelt into Toronto by adding public lands in the Humber and Don River Valleys and along Etobicoke Creek.

We call on Toronto City Council and the Province of Ontario to move as quickly as possible to include these public lands in the Greenbelt so that Torontonians will visit the Greenbelt right in our back yard.

Ontario’s world renowned Greenbelt protects environmentally sensitive areas and productive farmlands from urban development and sprawl. The public lands in Toronto’s urban river valleys are valued as ecological and recreational spaces but they are also important corridors that connect the Greenbelt to Lake Ontario. To make this connection clear and help Torontonians appreciate it, it’s time for all these lands to be part of the Greenbelt.



Will you endorse?