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TEA Releases 2006 Smog Report Card

October 10, 2006

For Immediate Release


City of Toronto Gets "C-" on Smog Report Card:

City's Smog Actions Inadequate

(Toronto) Today, the City of Toronto scored a "C-" on the Toronto Environmental Alliance's ninth annual Smog Report Card. The Report Card measures the City of Toronto's progress in implementing the 1998 smog plan and subsequent promises on air quality issues.

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Toronto Takes Aim at Provincial Permits to Burn Waste Motor Oil

May 25, 2006

(Toronto) Yesterday, Toronto City Council took action to tell the Province that it wants provincially permitted waste oil burning in Toronto to stop.

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TEA launches "Secrecy is Toxic" Campaign

April 12, 2006

(Toronto) Today the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) launched its “Secrecy is Toxic Campaign” by disclosing a map of facilities approved to burn waste motor oil, a highly toxic substance, in Toronto.

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Four Days Inadequate for Public Review of 83 Billion Dollar Electricity Plan

For Immediate Release

February 8, 2006

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Map Paints Toxic Picture Across Toronto

November 24, 2005

(Toronto) The Toronto Environmental Alliance released a map today showing reported releases of toxic chemicals in Toronto. Over 8500 tonnes of chemicals feared to cause cancer, birth defects, and respiratory problems, and interfere with children’s growth and development, were knowingly dumped into Toronto’s air, land and water in 2003.

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TEA Calls for Energy Conservation, Not Nukes

October 14, 2005

On Electricity, McGuinty should learn from Schwarzenegger:

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TEA Releases Smog Report Card 2005

October 6 2005

City of Toronto Gets “C-” on Smog Report Card: City’s Smog Actions Inadequate

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Toronto has 40th smog day of 2005

August 10, 2005

Toronto has 40th Smog Day: Group Releases list of Why We're so Smoggy
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Electricity Price Hikes Will Hit Poor Hardest

March 11, 2005

TORONTO- Today, the Low-Income Energy Network (LIEN) called on the provincial government to introduce province-wide energy conservation and bill assistance programs for low-income households in response to the announcement of higher prices for electricity.

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