Focus on organics first!

THIS PETITION IS NOW CLOSED. We delivered over 500 petition letters to the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee on June 20th and won a significant victory!



Did you know our city throws away more food and organic waste into our landfill than we put in our Green Bins? This needs to change.

We have a plan to fix it and you can help.

City of Toronto can truly tackle organics when they vote on a new Waste Strategy.

TEA will be connecting with Councillors, talking to media, and voicing our call to action at City Hall on Monday June 20th.


Tell the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee to take further action to keep organic waste out of our landfill so Toronto’s Waste Strategy can achieve zero waste! Send an email to the Committee using our simple form.

Your email will be part of the City's public record on Item PW14.2.