Cash the cheque from Toronto polluters

City of Toronto: Cash this $1.6 Million cheque!

THIS PETITION IS NOW CLOSED. With your help, we delivered over 1200 petition letters to City Hall! 

Read the Toronto City Council decision on polluter pays.


We found $1.6 Million to help balance the city’s budget every year. Will Toronto cash the cheque?

Right now, local businesses and residents are secretly paying an extra fee on their water utility bill to cover the clean up costs of Toronto’s biggest water polluters.  On March 10th, Toronto City Council will decide whether or not polluters should pay the $1.6 million they owe us this year.

Tell your City Councillor to cash this cheque by signing our petition. Along with your signature, we will mail each City Councillor a mock cheque for $1.6 million.


Dear Councillor,

There is a $1.6 Million cheque on your desk and I want you to cash it.

Every year, Toronto residents and small businesses are paying $1.6 Million or more so that City Council can continue to give polluters a discount. This has to stop. Companies that break our laws and pollute our water should pay their fair share of the clean up costs.

14,000 businesses pay water utility bills, but only 170 (1%) of them broke the law this year. Why should thousands of Toronto’s good local businesses pay to clean up their pollution?

Residents are also footing part of the polluters’ bill. Struggling residents are expected to pay the full cost of social services like childcare and recreational programs, yet polluting companies don’t have to pay the full cost of their pollution prevention program. How is that fair?

You can level the playing field for Toronto’s businesses and bring fairness to all Toronto Water customers. Please vote yes to full cost recovery for the Industrial Waste Surcharge Agreement at the City Council budget meeting in March.

We know the City of Toronto has budget problems. Billing water polluters the full cost for clean up is a simple solution to recover over $1.6 Million each year to help balance the budget.





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