Province Says Yes to Protecting Greenbelt Boundaries

After reviewing over 700 requests to remove lands across the Golden Horseshoe, the Province announced it will not shrink Ontario’s Greenbelt.

This decision was largely in response to the outpouring of public support to protect and expand the Greenbelt coming from across Ontario, including thousands of Torontonians and TEA supporters.

TEA has been campaigning for more than 7 years to grow the Greenbelt into Toronto’s ravines and ensure the Greenbelt not only survives but thrives. Most recently, we helped our friends in the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance (OGA) make it clear to the Premier that she should protect the Greenbelt and reject proposals from the development industry to remove lands from the Greenbelt to allow for urban sprawl.

On January 11th we found out that the Premier listened to the voices of TEA, the OGA and the thousands of Ontarians who took action. The Province announced that after reviewing over 700 requests to remove lands, only 13 will be acted on -- changes ones that will make minor adjustments to the Greenbelt boundaries primarily by correcting mapping errors made in 2005 when the Greenbelt was originally created.

TEA applauds the Premier for listening to Ontarians who asked her to protect the Greenbelt. And we thank all our supporters who took the time to contact the Premier. Thanks to your efforts, our Greenbelt will now survive and thrive!