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REPORT: Community Hubs and Climate Change

As Toronto looks to address climate change and improve resiliency, local communities need to be engaged in developing solutions that serve community priorities.

TEA collaborated with Enviromentum and the Toronto Community Benefits Network to explore the role community hubs can have in local climate actions.

For the first part of this project, our project team conducted a feasibility assessment to explore the role of community hubs in mobilizing low-carbon communities, by engaging staff and residents at local hubs to gather insights on the potential for hubs to seed climate-related initiatives in their communities. This included exploring opportunities for achieving simultaneously other benefits for community members such as enhancing public health, creating new job opportunities, improving housing conditions, and providing greater accessibility to different transportation options.

At the core of this feasibility assessment was the question: how can community hubs serve as launch points for wider community engagement in developing low-carbon communities?  

Read the results in the new report: Community Hubs and Climate Change: A Feasibility Assessment.

This project was funded by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF)