Toronto Neighbourhood Walks Project, West Hill, Highland Creek Treatment Plant, 2011

Sewage incineration at Highland Creek Treatment Plant

Why is Scarborough's air polluted? The City-owned Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant treats all of Scarborough's sewage and serves nearly 500,000 people. Unfortunately, it is one of the city’s largest polluters because the plant burns sewage in an old incinerator. The neighbourhood near the plant ranks 1st or 2nd in Toronto for many toxic substances and emits over 38 tonnes of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions per day.

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Since 2010, TEA has been working with the local community to get City Council to stop incineratng Toronto’s sewage sludge at the Highland Creek Treatment Plant. There are alternatives to burning sewage sludge that are better for the environment. See TEA's 2010 briefing note for Councillors explaining the environmental implications of biosolid incineration.

In 2014-2015, TEA is part of the City of Toronto's Health Impact Assessment Stakeholder Group. This group is responsible for evaluating possible health impacts to Scarborough residents from the Highland Creek Treatment Plant. We are also attending the public consultation meetings held in Scarborough. You can find more information about the Environmental Assessment underway on the City’s consultation page