TransformTO Advocacy Training Session: Recap and Resources

On a cold January evening, TEA and ClimateFast hosted over 50 people from every district in the city to learn how to advocate on the City Budget process. Together, we’re working to ensure Toronto invests in the TransformTO climate plan!

To help those who couldn't attend, we've compiled some of the resources we shared. If you have any additional questions or resources to share, please get in touch

More information about TransformTO:

Deputation resources:

  • TEA’s Deputation Package includes tips on how to make a deputation, dates and how to register for deputations on the 2018 City Budget and info about TransformTO and the 2018 City Budget. DOWNLOAD TEA'S DEPUTATION PACKAGE.
  • Commitment2Community has a deputation template to help you craft your deputation. This can work for public deputations as well as written deputation submissions.
  • Is your City Councillor on the Executive Committee? If so, they especially need to hear from you! Find out who is on the Executive Committee on the City of Toronto website.
  • Deputations start on Monday, January 8th. Find the list of deputation dates and how to sign up in TEA's Deputation Package or in this blog post

Examples of deputations:

All City Council and Committee meetings - including any meetings with public deputations - are recorded and streamed live at the City Council’s YouTube Channel and videos are made available afterwards.

Below are a few clips of deputations made at the May 2017 Parks and Environment Committee. Deputations were made after the final TransformTO report was released and ahead of the vote on the plan at City Council.

Dusha Sritharan, Climate Change Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance

Emmay Mah, People’s Climate Movement 

Lyn Adamson, ClimateFast

Have an example of a deputation you gave that you’d be willing to share? Email [email protected].

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