What Others Are Saying about Provincial Plans for the Greenbelt

In May 2016, the Province announced plans to grow the Greenbelt into 21 urban river valleys, including three in Toronto. Here's what others are saying.

Ken Greenberg, renowned urban designer and Principal of Greenberg Consultants Inc.

“The extension of the Greenbelt into urban river valleys, including those in the intensely developed areas of Toronto of Toronto is an important acknowledgement of our interdependence with nature, the fact that we need to grow greener as we become more urban. The ravines – our inverted mountain range - constitute a remarkable only partially tapped resource, benefitting millions of urban residents in the vast geography as they make their way toward the Lake Ontario shoreline. Expanding the Greenbelt will ensure these natural corridors are permanently protected for a broad range of purposes connecting urban residents seamlessly to the rural landscapes of the Greenbelt. As our regional population grows by 3.5 million over the next 25 years, and we begin to feel the effects of climate change more keenly, the need for such linking natural systems and protected sanctuaries becomes ever more pressing.”

Ontario Greenbelt Alliance:

“The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance (OGA), a coalition of over 120 organizations across Ontario, is pleased by the province’s plans announced today to grow and strengthen the Greenbelt while guiding smart urban growth through strong improvements to Ontario’s Growth Plan.

The OGA praises the province for balancing the need to grow and strengthen the Greenbelt, while steering growth in a more sustainable and climate-friendly direction. However, the OGA urges the province to take further action to close the door on sprawl, which continues to pave over southern Ontario’s prime farmland and sensitive ecosystems.

(Excerpt from May 10 media release)

If you support the plan to grow the Greenbelt into Toronto's ravines, show your support by sending an email to the Province of Ontario