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Province Says YES To Greenbelting our Ravines - Show your Support

After seven years of campaigning, Ontario’s Greenbelt is poised to grow into 3 of Toronto’s ravines - The Don River, Humber River and Etobicoke Creek! You can help ensure this happens by sending an email to the Premier of Ontario. 

The Province of Ontario just announced proposed changes to a number of laws that shape how land is used in the Greater Toronto Area. These changes will have a huge impact on Ontario's Greenbelt, which is made up of almost 2 million acres of lakes, rivers, farmland, forests and other important ecological spaces. 

While the recommendations are great news for our river systems, the news isn’t as good for lands currently threatened by urban sprawl. Send an email to the Premier and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing today to say yes to growing the Greenbelt and no to urban sprawl. 

Want to know more about this campaign? Check out our campaign timeline.

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