Zero Waste: A community effort

Toronto really is ready for zero waste - in the last year, we’ve been thrilled with the interest in zero waste solutions! Thank you!

Without residents, community groups and businesses speaking out and sharing their inspiring examples, we wouldn’t be where we are today with Toronto's new Waste Strategy.

Over the last six months, and more, TEA has been connecting with residents and community groups and businesses to talk about how we can build a zero waste Toronto.


There are a few groups and individuals we’d like to thank for working with us on this campaign:

CUPE Local 416 - First, we must say thank you to Toronto’s frontline solid waste workers - the people who pick up and sort our waste. Thank you to the Canadian Union for Public Employees (CUPE) local 416 for a donation that gave us the time to research and write our Zero Waste Toronto report.  

Community Zero Waste Leaders - There are dozens of inspiring Toronto community groups, organizations and businesses that have been creating and showcasing zero waste solutions - these groups are proving that zero waste really is possible. We’ve highlighted a few in our report and on our website, but a few super stars like Furniture Bank, the Repair Cafe, the Tool Library, Zooshare and Second Harvest have taken the time to talk with Councillors, promote zero waste thinking.

TEA Volunteers - TEA’s dedicated and inspiring volunteers have helped with research and writing, seeking out zero waste heroes, attending City events and speaking to Councillors, and connecting with people at community events.

TEA Donors and Supporters - Finally, our donors and supporters played a huge role - thanks for your donations, and to the thousands of you who signed a letter, shared a zero waste story, emailed a Councillor or shared our messages with your networks.

The collective impact of all of these voices is what led to some key improvements from the draft to the final version - a much stronger focus on working with community groups, and ensuring that community voices are part of the ongoing implementation of the plan.

You can read more about the victory and the new waste strategy here: Victory for Zero Waste!