Green Bins

Tell your Councillor: Lets focus on the 3Rs!

UPDATE: VICTORY! Toronto City Council unanimously approved a Waste Strategy that puts the 3Rs first and has a goal of zero waste.

Thank you to the 4,000 Torontonians who signed the letter - it had an impact!  Read more about our victory here.

 Dear Councillor,

As you consider Toronto’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy, I want you to commit to a plan that truly puts waste diversion first.

City waste audits show that 85% or more of residential waste in Toronto could be reduced, reused, recycled or composted through existing Toronto diversion programs. Yet we are currently only diverting 53%.

Every day, recyclable and compostable waste is being sent for disposal in our landfill. In fact, there is more recyclable, compostable and hazardous material in the average residential garbage bag than there is garbage! That isn’t acceptable, and we can do better.

In 2002, Toronto became the largest city in North America to have curbside organic food waste collection. Yet 13 years later, many apartments and condos are just starting Green Bin collection. Toronto has the right programs, we just need to do better at making them available to everyone, easy to use, and supporting residents and buildings to divert as much as they can.

The good news is that 85% diversion is possible. Buildings and residents right here in Toronto are using the City’s programs and are showing that with education and support 85% diversion is within reach.

As you consider Toronto’s future, and how we will deal with our waste for the next 50 years, I urge you to focus on the 3Rs first, and invest in Torontonians to help use existing waste diversion systems properly.