Neighbourhood Election Tools

TEA is doing our best to get people talking about the environment this election. We have dozens of volunteers at events and all-candidates debates, and our canvassers are talking with Torontonians in their neighbourhood every evening.

We know, however, that the best way to get the message out is through TEA supporters like you. 

Neighbourhood-specific flyers

These flyers give a summary of our Green Action Agenda, as well as the 2010-14 Council Report Card grades for local councillors.

Please share these flyers - bring them to a candidates meeting, share them with your neighbours, or email them to your friends.  

TEA's Election 2014 Resources 

  • •  Questions to ask Candidates
    Use these questions to find where candidates stand on key environmental issues.
  • •  Green Action Agenda
    An overview of the key environmental issues facing Toronto and what
    actions the next City Council must take to invest in building a greener
    city for all.
  • •  Candidate Report Cards
    Based on the TEA Green Action Agenda survey, to help Torontonians know where candidates stand on key issues
  • • Enviro Report Card 2010-14
    Find out how current Councillors and the Mayor voted on key environmental issues between 2010 and 2014.