S. Wineland, Rattlesnake Point in the Greenbelt

2015 Greenbelt Review

In 2015 the Province started reviewing the award-winning Greenbelt Act and Plan. This review will determine whether our Greenbelt will survive and thrive.

Map design by As the Crow Flies cARTographyNot everyone wants the Greenbelt to survive. Some developers and municipalities want to weaken the rules that limit urban sprawl on our precious farmlands, ecological spaces and recreational lands. If they get their way, the Greenbelt may be lost.

TEA, along with the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance, is working with Ontarians to ensure the Provincial Review of the Greenbelt addresses the key threats to the Greenbelt and leads to changes that strengthen protection of the Greenbelt. 

Ontario Greenbelt AllianceWhat You Can Do: