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Say good-bye to Toronto's last sewage incinerator! May 18, 2011

On May 18, City Council voted to stop burning Scarborough's sewage sludge at the Highland Creek Treatment Plant! Councillor Ainslie (Ward 43) led the charge to oppose the construction of a new incinerator on the site and instead invest in more sustainable, environmentally friendly management options.

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Council votes for more reports, guaranteed waste diversion May 17, 2011

On Tuesday May 17th, City Council voted on the proposal to seek private contractors to collect waste in Toronto west of Yonge. Thanks in part to TEA members' calls and emails, Councillors voted with the environment in mind!

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Council Watch - TEA's report raises questions about rushing to privatize waste: Look before you Leap May 11, 2011

Study looks at the eco-impact of private waste contracts

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Council Watch - City moves to privatize waste collection April 29, 2011

Committee moves to private waste collection

On April 26th, Toronto's Public Works & Infrastructure Committee voted 4-2 to seek bids for private waste collection in the western half of the City. They also approved staff recommendations to bypass a final Council decision on the issue, contrary to the City's own purchasing laws.

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Toronto continues to incinerate sewage after a 4 to 2 vote April 26, 2011

On April 26, the Public Works Committee again discussed the Highland Creek Incinerator. Unfortunately, the Committee voted 4 to 2 to continue incinerating sewage sludge in Scarborough. The issue now goes to Council for a final vote later in May.

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Deputation to PWI - April 26 2011 April 26, 2011

Public Works and Infrastructure Committee   --   April 26, 2011

Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) Deputation on Agenda Item: 
PW 3.1 Solid Waste Management Services Waste Collection Request for Quotations (RFQs)

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Council Watch - City Service Review & Waste Diversion March 28, 2011

City service review poised to exclude real community input

Last week, the City’s Executive Committee passed a plan to review all city services.
This review will look at what services are essential, evaluate service delivery, and costs. The plan has an incredibly short timeline, and will effectively shut out real public input. Instead, the review will be driven by the interests of well-paid external consultants, senior city staff and the Mayor’s Office. The plan goes to Council in mid April.
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Highland Creek sewage incineration debate re-opened! March 23, 2011

Councillor Moeser is attempting to re-open the debate over incineration at Scarborough’s sewage treatment plant after City Council voted to shut the incinerator down in 2010!

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Council Watch - TEA Maps show suburbs lose out on "Backroom" transit deal March 08, 2011

Maps show suburbs lose out on "Backroom" transit deal

Yesterday, we released maps comparing how much light rail transit could be built with the $8.7 Billion committed by the Province. The maps compare the current Metrolinx plan with a proposed compromise plan developed behind the closed doors of Mayor Ford and Premier McGuinty’s offices. 

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Council Watch - Community Meetings on Transit and Renewable Energy Update February 16, 2011

Transit Campaign: If you haven't already done so, please send an email to City Councillors and Mayor Ford to let them know you support the Transit City light rail plan. 

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Council Watch - Help Stop Transit Cuts! January 28, 2011

Thank you to the thousands of you that have emailed and called your Councillors, the Mayor and your MPPs about transit in Toronto. We're having an impact!

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Council Watch - Toronto's budget, TTC service cuts, and taking action January 13, 2011

It has been a busy week for us at TEA. On Monday, the Toronto 2011 budget was released and with it came a few surprises.

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20th Annual EcoBunk Awards January 12, 2011

Join us in celebrating our 20th Year of Awarding Advertising Excellence in Confusing the Public and Compromising the Environment! Hosted by Jane Farrow and David Meslin

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Council Watch - Which transit plan has the most winners? January 05, 2011

We have a new message for you to send to Mayor Ford and Councillors. We need to make sure City Council has the opportunity to vote on Transit City and we need Councillors to support the Transit City light rail network serving all of Toronto - not only one line. 

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Council Watch - Your Letters, Saving Transit Expansion and Happy Holidays from TEA! December 21, 2010

TEA delivers 2000 letters to Councillors asking for a green Toronto

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Help Us Keep Council Green December 21, 2010

Throughout the election campaign, Mayor Ford made it clear he was not interested in the environment (see our Campaign Mid-Term and Final Report Cards and his Council Voting Record for 2007-08 and 2009-10). However, the good news is Torontonians elected a majority of Councillors who have committed to key environmental priorities - 24 Councillors received an A grade on our candidate report card, and one received a B-.

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Council Watch - Clearing the Air on the TTC November 25, 2010

New report reveals LRT is the ‘Greener Way’ for TTC

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Clearing the Air on the TTC - Report November 14, 2010

On November 15th, TEA and TTCriders released a report on the environmental benefits of the TTC, with key recommendations for the TTC and the new Council.

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Council Watch - Write to your Councillor & Post Election Mixer November 11, 2010

Help Keep Toronto Green Ask your Councillor to make the environment a priority over the next 4 years! We're collecting letters from people across Toronto  to send a strong message to the new Council in December. We've got over 500 letters so far, but we need more! 

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Council Watch - Help Us Keep Toronto Council Green October 15, 2010

Today, Torontonians woke up to a newly elected mayor, Rob Ford, and to a newly elected Council.  Throughout his election campaign, Mayor Ford made it clear that he was not interested in the environment. 

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